No Change to Australian Citizenship

The Government has made Citizenship a major media issue in more ways than one during 2017.  However in terms of announced changes for residents applying for Australian Citizenship, that issue has turned out to be no issue at all.  As mentioned in my last blog, after a wishlist of changes to the Citizenship requirements had been announced by the Government in the form of a Bill tabled in Parliament, there was no change to the law then and there has still been no change to the law.  All this year the option to make a valid application for Citizenship based on the requirements under law that were in place before the wishlist was announced has been and continues to be open to legitimate candidates.  I have advised my clients to make their valid citizenship applications regardless of the announcements.

Last month the wishlist died a death with the defeat of the Bill and no changes have been made to Citizenship requirements.  Watch this space for a new amended Bill foreshadowed by Minister Dutton some time before the middle of next year.  For the time being, Australian Citizenship applications made before 1 July 2018 will not be affected by any proposed changes.

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